Grouser Plate Rebuilding – Autoprocess

Grouser bars are an integral part of the track plate, and are subject to the most wear of any portion of the plate. As the grouser bars are worn away, and in particular the corners of the bar are eroded, they must be rebuilt or replaced. As the track plates represent large mass of tough steel, it is advantageous to rebuild the grouser bars rather than replace the entire plate.

The re-lugging process involves the cleaning of your old lug surface to ensure a clean bond for the new lug. The grouser plate is heated and an automated welding process carried out to fit the new lug to your existing grouser plate.

Re-lugging is a great option for larger machines, as plates can be re-lugged and given another life.

PLEASE NOTE: We can also relug your tractor onsite without removing the chains or plates.


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